2011. április 18., hétfő

Egy újabb fotópályázat, itt 5000$ a fődíj

The New York Photo Awards, one of the most dynamic and sought-after showcases for emerging photographers from all over the world, is proud to announce RICOH's generous sponsorship of this year's awards.

The winner of each of the twelve award categories - which span fine art, documentary and advertising images and series, as well as photo books - will receive state of the art RICOH gear:

General Category winners will receive a camera kit that includes the GXR camera body, combined with the RICOH S10 lens (24-72 mm, F2.5-4.4 VC), featuring a high-performance 3x wide-angle zoom

Student Category winners will be awarded the high-image-quality compact GR DIGITAL III camera.

One of the year's winners will also be selected for a $5,000 grand cash prize for best overall picture or series.

All winners and honorable mentions will be exhibited at the famed powerHouse Arena during the New York Photo Festival and for three weeks after.

For more information and to submit, please visit: www.NewYorkPhotoAwards.com
Submission Deadline: April 25, at midnight!

Sponsored by RICOH COMPANY, LTD.

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